SafeKids Brings Hope to Invisible Teens in Franklin County

The Unseen Need - 4,000 Young People Without a Stable Home - Over 400 More This Year.

If you’re a teen and you don’t feel safe at home, what do you do? All over Franklin County, “unattended youth” are looking for a solution to that very problem. They’re hiding in plain sight, and they need our help. That’s where SafeKids comes in.

Providing Refuge and Breaking the Cycle

Since 2013, SafeKids has been serving disadvantaged youth with these innovative programs:

  1. Our 300 SafeSpots — Franklin County businesses and other institutions where troubled youth can get help when they need it. Just look for the Green and Black SafeSpot Sign.
  2. Respite Care — 24/7 emergency housing for good kids who need a place to stay.
  3. Station365 - A donation only cafe in St Clair that gives our youth an opportunity to learn, grow and earn money for much needed essentials.
  4. Host Families — The incredible people from all walks of life who provide safe and loving short and long-term homes.

We also make available counseling services, transportation, emergency money, help finding a job, and everything else a teen might need to get on the right track.

Community Enrichment Plan

We have big plans for the future, too. We’re currently developing our 130-acre SafeHaven for job training, personal development, and transitional housing.

But we can’t do this alone.

SafeHaven will provide a place for young people to transition into full-time work and fully independent lives, living rent-free and (if necessary) learning a vocation.

At SafeHaven, Youth will have the opportunity to learn skills such as:

Event management.





Getting the position that you want is about more than just having the right hard or technical skills.

You must also possess the key soft skills employers look for. They’ll begin to learn the soft skills they need to survive in professional environments:

Communication Skills

Decision Making and Self Motivation

Leadership Skills

Team-Working Skills

Creativity and Problem Solving Skills

Make a Difference. Join the HopeClub.

 The HopeClub is for people like you. People who:

  • See a future for the kids we serve.
  • Know the value of creating a safety net for at-risk teens.
  • Believe in the future of Franklin County and those who live there.


If that sounds like you, consider joining the HopeClub.

At commitment levels starting at only $25 a month, you can make a huge difference in a Franklin County kid’s life.

And one-time gifts of any amount will get put to use right away.

Help us provide these unattended youth with the essential foundations for success: a safe place to stay, a loving family, and a leg-up in the real world.

Join the HopeClub today!